Thank you so much for volunteering at Hope Gathering! We are almost there!
Please fill out the form below to choose your volunteer assignment.

We would like each of you to be as engaged in the main sessions and connecting sessions as you would like, so please, select the option below that you feel comfortable with. I will take this sign up as your 100% commitment to being available to help with the specific task you indicate.

We will have three colors of scarves differentiating three different teams of women running the gathering:

Purple: You! our trusty team of volunteers
Grey: our planning team and our prayer team
Yellow: trained counselors who can assist any women in crisis.

Even when you are not on assignment, we would like for you wear the purple scarf we will provide so that you can help us to facilitate a warm and cohesive gathering. We will provide you with a list of FAQs about the gathering as well as a more detailed schedule so that you can assist the women around you.

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As volunteers you will be involved in almost the entire gathering, so please register and use the code I emailed you to pay what you can. Please register even if you can only come for part of the time.
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