Hope Stories

If you were giving your own hope talk, what would you share?

We want to collect your stories and testimonies from your time with us at the Hope Gathering in June, and from your life in this city since. How did God meet you during the Hope Gathering? How has God used the hope he has given you to share with others? How has he taught you about your identity and his character? We would love to share these stories on our upcoming blog.

We value sharing the movement of God in our city and want to make sure you are comfortable. In light of this, please change any names of your friends and family in your stories to keep the process of sharing safe and non-exploiting. Feel free, however, to include your name, omit your name, or to give yourself a pen name.

Additional Prompts:

How is God teaching you to offer his hope to others?
How has God met you in the process of holding onto hope?
What does it look like to cling to hope in the character of God in the midst of doubt, struggle, or pain?

Tone: casual, vulnerable, honest,
Word Count: 500-800 words
First Deadline is December 15th, 2014


Send your story of hope to Caitie@HopeGathering.com