Online registration has already ended, but tickets will be available at the door on Friday June 6th promptly at 6:15pm and Saturday June 7th at 8:15am.

We have kept costs as low as possible and are raising funds to supplement discounted tickets & cover scholarships. The actual cost of the event is is $80 per person, and we are offering discounted tickets for $40.

If you will need an additional scholarship, please contact us.


As an extension of the weekend gathering, Suzy Silk (gathering host) and Julie Herrera-Maxwell (Suzy's mother-in-law) will be writing a daily devotional. Read now, or sign up below to have the devotions delivered to your inbox each morning.



Conference Location
Redeemer W83rd Ministry Center 150 W 83rd St New York, NY 10024
Nearby Transportation: ( 1 ) 86th Street ( B / C ) 81st Street
As women, we have a unique calling to be agents of God's hope, because the first name ever given to us (in Genesis 2&3) was "ezer" – the one who comes when you need HELP!! in a battle or dire situation. From the start, women were meant to reflect God’s image, to rule and reign over the earth, and to bring hope in difficult situations.
After the Fall, God doesn’t give up on humanity or on Eve. Instead God announces his plan to one day crush the serpent (Satan) through “her seed.” Here we see both parts of Hope:
    •    “the seed” = Jesus, who is our ultimate source of hope
    •    “her” = God’s desire to still use Eve (and ezers) to usher in his Hope to the world.
We see this come to fruition not only in the virgin birth, but also at the resurrection when Jesus chooses a woman formally possessed by demons (Mary Magdalene) to proclaim the good news of his resurrection – a woman ushering in the ultimate hope of the Seed having crushed the Serpent.

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<h4>Through worship, prayer, teaching, and discussion we will set our eyes on Jesus and seek to join God in bringing His hope to our world.</h4>
<p>Our lives and our city are often full of sorrow, disappointment, injustice, pain, and fear. All of these situations in our own life and in the world around us, often leave us feeling hopeless. And even on “good days” when the sun is shining and we long to bring hope to others, we can often feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed by all of the people and situations that need help and hope.</p>
  <p>The talks and discussion groups at the HOPE Gathering will center on three aspects of hope:</p>
<ol><li>What the Bible says about hope</li>
  <li>How we can experience hope through the Spirit and the support of other believers</li>
  <li>How we can be agents of God's hope in our world</li>