Text: Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18, 3:1-20

Julie Herrera-Maxwell
Have you ever felt that you made a mistake so big that no matter how much you try to fix it, it seems that there is no solution? Day after day in your mind you go back to that unforgettable day and moment and think of all the things that could have been done to prevent this mistake. Then you think there might be something that you can do to fix the problem, but the blame and deception grows larger every day. How could you do such a thing? Why didn’t you do what you knew was right? What were you thinking?

I’m sure that was the way Eve was feeling after making the wrong choice. By listening to the lies of the enemy, she ruined her life and, in this case, the entire world. She hadn’t realized how much she was responsible for. What are you supposed to do in a situation like this? Where do you go? Who would understand you? But even in your worst mistake, when there seems to be no solution, there is a merciful God who is a master at designing a way for redemption. Through Eve and her descendents came a man who would step on the snake’s head, a man who would willingly give his life so that you and I can have life today. In the middle of your worst mistake there is hope. Where there appears to be no remedy available, He can provide a way out to a new and fresh beginning. There is no worse executioner than yourself. Today is a new day– open the curtains of your ailing heart and let the light come in. Hope has arrived in your life and His name is Jesus. 


Suzy Silk
As women, we have a unique calling to be agents of God's hope, because the first name ever given to Eve was "ezer" -- the one who comes when you need HELP in a battle or dire situation. From the start, women were meant to reflect God's image, to rule and reign over the earth, and to bring hope in difficult situations. After the Fall, God doesn't give up on humanity or on Eve. Instead God announces His plan to one day crush the serpent (Satan) through "her seed" (or her offspring). Here we see the dual aspect of being agents of God's hope: "the seed" is Jesus, who is our ultimate Hope, and "her" refers to God's desire to still use Eve, despite her sin, to usher in God's Hope. We see this promise come to fruition both during the virgin birth and also at the resurrection when Jesus chooses a woman formerly possessed by demons (Mary Magdalene) to proclaim the good news of his resurrection -- a woman ushering in the ultimate hope of the Seed having crushed the Serpent. 

How is God calling you, like Eve, to be an Ezer -- one who brings real help in dire circumstances? Is there a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who needs to hear or experience God's hope in her life -- how can you be an agent of God's hope? Is there an area of your life where you have sinned and feel like God can no longer use you? Go to God and ask for forgiveness; ask Him to redeem you and empower you to once again be His image-bearer. The Lord never gives up on his daughters!

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